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Course Content and Organization *

Strongly AgreeAgreeUncertainDisagreeStrongly Disagree
The course objectives were clear
The Course workload was manageable
The Course was well organized (e.g. timely access to materials, notification of changes, etc.)

Approximate level of your own attendance during the whole Course *

Student Contribution *

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Approximate level of your own attendance during the whole Course
I participated actively in the Course
I think I have made progress in this Course

Learning Environment and Teaching Methods *

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I think the Course was we ll structured to achieve the learning outcomes (there was a good balance of lectures, tutorials, practical etc.)
The learning and teaching methods encouraged participation.
The overall environment in the class was conducive to learning.
Classrooms were satisfactory

Learning Resources *

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Learning materials (Lesson Plans, Course Notes etc.) were relevant and useful.
Recommended reading Books etc. were relevant and appropriate
The provision of learning resources in the library was adequate and appropriate
The provision of learning resources on the Web was adequate and appropriate ( i f relevant)

Quality of Delivery *

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The Course stimulated my interest and thought on the subject area
The pace of the Course was appropriate
Ideas and concepts were presented clearly

Assessment *

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The method of assessment were reasonable
Feedback on assessment was timely
F eedback on assessment was helpful

Instructor / Teaching Assistant Evaluation *

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I understood the lectures
The material was we ll organized and presented
The instructor was responsive to student needs and problems
Had the instructor been regular throughout the course?

The best features of the Course were: *

The Course could have been improved by: *

CLO Attainment *

AttainedNot Attained
Overview of the course, embedded systems, microprocessor vs. microcontroller, classification of processor architectures, development tools
Why ARM architecture? Introduction to ARM- Cortex-M3, architecture, registers, ALU, Buses, Operating modes, Memory Map, Reset Sequence, Pipelining
Why assembly programming? Introduction to Cortex–M assembly programming
Shift & arithmetic operations, other useful data processing instructions Memory access instructions, use of stack and parameter passing, memory addressing modes
Branch instructions, unconditional and conditional branches, functions Introduction to ARM based microcontrollers
I/O, Tiva C I/O pins, Basic concepts of I/O ports and Interfacing, Clock sources and Clock configuration, the concept of PLL
ARM Cortex-M interrupt architecture, interrupt configuration, interrupt vector table, interrupt handling
I/O synchronization, Interrupt concepts, Peripherals Interrupts, Nested Interrupts
Timers, configuration and their interrupts, SysTick Timer, Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
Serial Communication (Asynchronous UART and Synchronous SPI, I2C), basic configuration, polling & interrupt driven transmission
Analog I/O, A/D and D/A conversion, Real-time data acquisition