CLO Survey (PHY-131 Electricity and Magnetism Section B)

Course Content and Organization *

Strongly Agree Agree UncertainDisagreeStrongly Disagree
The course objectives were clear
The Course workload was manageable
The Course was well organized (e.g. timely access to materials. notification of changes, etc.)
If other, precise:

Approximate level of your own attendance during the whole Course *

If other, precise:

Student Contribution *

Strongly Agree Agree Uncertain Disagree Strongly Disagree
I participated actively in the Course
I think I have made progress in this Course
If other, precise:

Learning Environment and Teaching Methods *

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I think the Course was well structured to achieve the learning outcomes ( there was a good balance of lectures. Tutorials, practical etc.)
The learning and teaching methods encouraged participation.
The overall environment in the class was conducive to learning.
Classrooms were satisfactory.
If other, precise:

Learning Resources *

Strongly AgreeAgreeUncertainDisagreeStrongly Disagree
Learning materials (Lesson Plans. Course Notes etc.) were relevant and useful.
Recommended reading Books etc. were relevant and appropriate.
The provision of learning resources in the library was adequate and appropriate.
The provision of learning resources on the Web was adequate and appropriate ( if relevant )
If other, precise:

Quality of Delivery *

Strongly AgreeAgreeUncertainDisagreeStrongly Disagree
The course stimulated my interest and thought on the subject area.
The pace of the Course was appropriate.
Ideas and concepts were presented clearly.
If other, precise:

Assessment *

Strongly AgreeAgreeUncertainDisagreeStrongly Disagree
The methods of assessment were reasonable
Feedback on assessment was timely
Feedback on assessment was helpful
If other, precise:

Instructor / Teaching Assistant Evaluation *

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I understood the lectures
The material was well organized and presented
The instructor was responsive to student needs and problems
Had the instructor been regular throughout the course?
If other, precise:

Lab Work *

Strongly AgreeAgreeUncertainDisagreeStrongly Disagree
The material in the lab manual was useful.
The labs supported the theory lectures.
Lab staff dealt effectively with my problems.

CLO Attainment *

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CLOs were clearly defined at the beinning of the semester
Course outline was clearly presented at the beinning of the semester.
Office hours were clearly stated at the beinning of the semester
If other, precise:

The best features of the Course were: *

The Course could have been improved by: *

Domicile: *

Gender: *

Do you consider yourself to be disabled: *

Age group: *

CLO Attainment *

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The student will be able to learn fundamental law of electrostatic and its applications. The relevant numerical problems will enable the students to calculate the Coulomb's forces amongst the charges and due to charge distributions.The fundamentals of electric field and electrical potentials and how to find out fields and potentials due to point charges and charge distributions will also be introduced along with its practical applications of these topics.
The knowledge will be imparted about different kinds of capacitors, the role of dielectric inside the capacitor, current and current density, resistivity, semiconductors and superconductors along with relevant practical applications.
The basic concept of magnetic fields and calculations of static and non static magnetic and electric fields will be introduced. Also physical significance of Maxwell's equations will be discussed to give students a complete know how of electricity and magnetism.
Assignments relevant to electricity and magnetism.